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Kentucky inmate overdoses on cellmate's underwear


A prisoner has been charged with murder after his cellmate ate his shorts – which were soaked in a strong solution of methadone. Michael Jones, serving a brief sentence for DUI, was allowed to attend the funeral of a family member. He returned a few hours later – wearing the briefs, which had been steeped in the drug. He cut the tighty-whities into squares and passed them out to fellow prisoners – who munched them up to cop a quick buzz. Corey McQueary, might have gone overboard on the underwear, because he was found unconscious and was pronounced dead shortly thereafter. They did search Jones when he came back, but didn't suspect that his shorts could pose a problem. (WKYT) 


 Road rager stabs motorist, then performs first aid


A Florida man went from zero to hero..kinda...after he stabbed a guy and then  performed first aid before paramedics arrived. Robert Suarez was riding in a car driven by his girlfriend when they were hit from behind by Steven Baker. The two men got out of their vehicles and started arguing. After Baker and his pals beat down Suarez, he pulled a knife stabbed Baker in the chest. Suarez than pulled the blade from his victim and put pressure on the wound to stop the bleeding before an ambulance got there. Charges are pending. (Tampa Bay Times) 




Woman named Crispi accused of burning down house with bacon


 A Utah woman allegedly used a pound of bacon to try and burn down her ex’s house. According to police, Cameo Adawn Crispi was repeatedly calling and texting her ex-boyfriend from his home, where she had a pound of bacon cooking on the stove. When officers arrived at the home they saw smoke coming out the front door.  The burned, smoking bacon was on a cookie sheet on top of the kitchen stove, with the burner set on high.  Crispi, who was arrested had a blood-alcohol level more than four times the legal limit. What a tragic loss of bacon.  (Deseret News) 


 Heavily armed man busted for drunk lawn mower driving


 A Florida man was busted for drunken driving on a riding lawn mower – with a stash of weapons stashed under the seat. Kenneth La Rue Smith was pulled over while driving the mower in the wrong direction on the shoulder of U.S. 41 – while sipping from an open container of beer. Smith was reportedly weaving in and out of traffic.  Cops say he was "highly intoxicated." Smith had the open can as well as four more cold ones on the floor – and two knives, a revolver and multiple rounds of ammunition. He was charged with driving under the influence, possession of a firearm by convicted felon and threatening a police officer. (Sarasota Herald-Tribune)


Perv tries taking upskirt photos ... with camera taped to his shoe


A Florida perv was spotted trying to take upskirt photos of one of his fellow shoppers – with an iPad that he had strapped to his foot. Paul Senzee reportedly saw the victim in the toilet paper aisle of his local Walmart and then he extended his leg as far as possible in order to get some "footage" of her private parts. She grew suspicious,  but he pretended that he was just looking at the shelves.  Later she noticed he had followed her to the checkout counter, even though he didn't have any items in his cart. When Senzee tried again to get close, the woman noticed that he had a hole cut in the top of his shoe and decided to call cops.  (Orlando Sentinel)