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Woman pummels man after her passes gas in her face.

Darrell McKnight allegedly stumbled into the home of Jessica Cerney and let one rip right in her face as she rested on the couch. That's when Cerney opened a can of whoop-ass leaving him with a swollen eye. Both were issued citations for fighting. That’s bull…if somebody farts in your face I think state law says that you can beat the crap out of them. (The Smoking Gun)


Montana man calls 911 to demand refund after stripper won't sleep with him.

 A man was stripped of his freedom after he called 911 to complain that he dropped big bucks at a strip club – only to be told that he couldn't get it on with any of the dancers. William McDaniel ended up shelling out another $550 in bail money – after the officer informed him that he was going to jail for solicitation of prostitution. (Montana Standard)


Hard Liquor

Now this is what you call a stiff drink! A Chinese liquor-maker has been arrested for allegedly putting small amounts of Viagra in each bottle of booze. (MarketWatch)


 Dummy tries using dead sister's stolen ID while wearing T-shirt from her funeral.

A woman was busted after she tried to use her dead sister's Medicaid card. Didn’t take Colombo or CSI Miami to figure this one out. She was wearing a T-shirt from her sister's memorial service. (NY DAILY NEWS)