Battle Over the Name Ratt Continues

A hearing on former Ratt drummer Bobby Blotzer's request for a reconsideration of the verdict in his case against the three other original members is scheduled for next Monday (January 23rd) in L.A.

Despite a seeming legal limbo as to who owns the name, singer Stephen Pearcy, guitarist Warren DeMartini and bassist Juan Croucier have reunited, ousting Blotzer in the process, and are pushing forward. In an interview with Britain's Star Radio Rock Show, Pearcy spoke about Blotzer's attempt to tour with his version of Ratt, which Pearcy calls "this cover band." Pearcy says that what galls him the most is that Blotzer "couldn't go out on his own, and had to go out and play the music the rest of the guys [wrote]… our music. And it's great if you wanna make a living, but to make it off our music and then claim that…the original members never existed, or change the course of history, is just lunacy."

We'll eventually find out if the court agrees with him. In the meantime, Pearcy says his version of Ratt, which includes one-time Quiet Riot guitarist Carlos Cavazo as well as DeMartini and Croucier, kick off their Back for More tour in mid-February and are plotting a worldwide trek they hope will re-establish the band's brand. (