Unless he's wearing a hat or a wig he shouldn't be that hard to find.  I'm sure he'll be watching the game Sunday.  A Tom Brady super fan is wanted by police in Florida and they really shouldn't have a hard time finding him. Victor Thompson, a Massachusetts native and die-hard Patriots fan who relocated to Florida, has been in the news before -- less so for his previous criminal activity and more for his crazy tattoo. Thompson has Tom Brady's football helmet inked on his bald head. Each side of his head has the Patriots logo. The back of his head has Brady's number 12, the word "Patriots," an American flag and an NFL logo. He even has the helmet maker, Riddell, inked on his forehead.  He's hoping for a face mask, chin strap and eye- black to complete his look..

Thompson was arrested in 2014 on narcotics charges and his mugshot went viral. He now has warrants out for his arrest for drug possession and failure to appear in court. The new allegations occurred in 2015.