This is one of the coolest things I've seen floating around out there.  Had to make it the video of the day. This is almost 70 years old and still kicks ass!

 People don't bowl like they used to. We would bowl, shoot pool and play pinball.  Now people sit at home and play video games. When we were young we used to bowl at Arena Lanes on Simon Road off Of E. Midlothian.  It burned down on March 1, 1974.

  We also used to go to South Way Lanes on South Ave.  One afternoon Poobah was playing a teen show there and it got raided by the cops. We would shoot pool at MarHill Lanes on Market Street, They had disco dancing at The Rip Room at The Holiday Bowl in Struthers and of course Left End would play at The Orange Room at Wedgewood Lanes in Austintown. 

We used to have Wolf Nights out at The Grist Mill at Wedgewood with bands like Special Forces and The Blue Flames.  

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