On Aug. 28 I went to see New York and Cleveland at Yankee Stadium and yes I was there in my team gear. Since I've been going to Browns-Steelers games since 1969 I didn't care what I was wearing.

 Here is just one of many drunk Yankee fans, who was pissed that they were getting whooped by The Indians, trying to give some fellow Cleveland fans a hard time.

 "Sit down dude, we just hit four home runs against you guys."  This kind of stuff was going on the whole game. Security was keeping a close eye on this section because it was getting heated.  At one point the crowd wanted me kicked out while they chanted "ass hole"...  I really didn't have to say too much because the Tribe was applying a good old fashioned ass whoopin.  All I needed to do was make a few hand gestures to get em going.

  It felt great walking out of that section waving my Indians cap and holding up 4 for each home run.  Now I know how the Iron Sheik felt walking into the ring against Sgt. Slaughter waving an Iranian flag.. 

Tribe hit 4 home runs that day and swept a double header two days later.  Let's hope the Tribe magic continues thru the play offs...

Watch the drunken Yankee fan and see what was happening on the field that was pissing him off

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