Demolition of the Richfield Coliseum Started 3-31-99

I have so many great and some kinda hazy memories of The Richfield Coliseum.  The Richfield Coliseum's demolition began March 31, 1999.  It was the home of  the Cavaliers, Barons (NHL), Crunch, and more. The Coliseum hosted legendary musical acts  Including everyone from Frank Sinatra to  Led Zeppelin and Pink Floyd.  I met ZZ Top, John Mellencamp, Angus Young from AC/DC and many others there.

One of the best  shows I saw there was Pink Floyd in in 1988.  They did a special "small hall" thank you show in appreciation for the sold out stadium shows.  Unfortunately  a little bit of the Floyd magic was lost when I was roaming around the arena and saw them light the bed on fire and push it down a wire to the stage.  I just thought it flew down there out of now where.  

Me and Casey Malone with the Pink Floyd Pig Richfield Coliseum August 6 1988.  CLICK HERE FOR THE SET LIST OF THAT SHOW

  One of the most bizarre shows I went to was when Van Halen opened for Black Sabbath.. David lee Roth said that tour was a real kick in the ass for the band. I swear we were abducted by space aliens with a time machine.  We got there thinking the show was about to start and found out that Van Halen had already played..   Not sure where the time went.  We left Youngstown at noon.. Go figure.. After the show we ran into some girls that were involved in some kind of hit and run accident on our way back to Kent State. Details still very fuzzy.  CLICK HERE FOR THE THE BLACK SABBATH SET LIST FROM THAT SHOW.  

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