The koozie, the beer helmet that lets you drink two beers at a time while keeping your hands free to eat a hot dog,  beer pong, the beer bong, the pop top, the twist cap, the wide mouth aluminium bottle, the key chain bottle opener and the wheelie cooler  are all  among the greatest beer inventions of all time. To celebrate National Beer Day we put together a collection of some of the greatest beer inventions and more.  Bottoms up!

Can you believe there was actually time when you needed a can opener to enjoy a beer?  Thank God for the man who invented the  top top and the twist cap.  Buy that man a beer! 

Thanks to the genius who invented the beer bong we can now down one in just a second. And how about the person who took the beer bong one step further.  Now this is really a "Beer Bong" 

With the high price of beer at concerts and sporting events and super tight security, The Beer Belly lets you sneak brews in so you can save some cash.

Speaking of concerts and sporting events, nobody likes to wait in a long beer line.  Check out this tap system that can fill 56 beer in a minute.  

Here is the perfect cooler for when you don't want to get up and grab a beer. The Shoot A Brew Cooler!! With the touch of a remote, the cooler tosses the brew to you at 8' away

The wheelie cooler was near the top of my list for the greatest beer invention of all times, then I saw this bad ass invention.

Here is something you won't see these days. Cartoon charterers selling beer.  Check out The Flintstones for Busch Beer. A TV classic. 

If you can't afford a hands free beer helmet here's how you can make one for yourself.  Of course it's not a fancy as the store bought kind but it'll get the job done!

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