The Best collection of 4-20 marijuana songs

Here is the best collection of pot songs for your 4-20 Celebration including Willie Nelson, Bob Dylan, Smoke Two Joints, Devil To Jamaica, Wildwood Weed, Homegrown, Don't Bogart The Joint, Norman Nardini , Aerosmith, The Rolling Stones, Buddy Guy, and a whole bunch of classics.


This is Travis Meyer The Devil Went Down To Jamaica a cool parody to The Devil Went Down To Georgia.


You can't have a list of pot songs with out the kings of stoner comedy Cheech and Chong


This is still an all time classic from Jim Stafford. We just smiled sitting on that sack of seeds.


Here is a twist on a Jimmy Buffet song from Pittsburgh Funny Man Mark Eddie


The Weed Hawks do an excellent cover of this Easy Rider favorite.


Neil Young is singing about more then just weed with this one now it's also a dig at Monsanto.


Dylan turned the Beatles on to pot and Paul McCartney did jail time in Japan trying to smuggle in a few pounds


Bob Dylan says everybody must get stoned.. by the way 12 x 35 = 420 


How can you beat The Stones and Buddy Guy on a Muddy Waters Classic. Chicago Blues at Its best


Steven Stills with a song about some Vietnam Vets using there skills to make money once they got home 


Steve earl with another song about a Vietnam Vet who came home with a new idea for the family moonshine Business


Pat Dailey The King Of Put-In-Bay took his buddy's doobie and his brew and his poontang too


Here is Pat Dailey's buddy from Key West Shel Silverstein  with an original stoner classic. 


The list would not be complete without Afroman


And the really old stoners will remember this one from David Peel and The Lower East Side.



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