Check out some great guitar playing by Randy Rhoads.  He was born on 12-6-56 and died on March 19, 1982 at the age of 25 in a plane crash.  The plane was buzzing Ozzy's bus at the time.

Rhoads played his last gig March 18, 1982, in Knoxville. The next day, the band was heading to Orlando for a show. Ozzy recalls his last conversation with Rhoads that night on the bus.  Randy was bitching at Ozzy for being really drunk. The last thing Rhoads said to him that night was, "You'll kill yourself, you know? One of these days."  

On Facebook in 2014 Ozzy said, "It was 32 years ago that we lost Randy. I miss him every day of my life. I will never forget Randy - he was the best thing to happen to me. I miss his spirit - the world lost a great soul."

Randy wanted to be a a rocker after he and his brother saw Alice Cooper in concert in 1971.  In high school he helped form Quiet Riot. In 1979 when Randy felt the band was going now where he auditioned for Ozzy's band on the recommendation of Dana Strumm of Slaughter.  Randy cranked out the guitar work on such classics at "Over The Mountain", "Crazy Train" and "I Don't Know."

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