Gene Simmons Sure He'll Be 'Weeping' At Final KISS Concert

KISS is on its "End of the Road" farewell world tour, but that doesn't mean the band's co-founders bassist Gene Simmons and front man Paul Stanley are ready to retire.

The "End of the Road" tour began on January 31, and Kiss is booked solid with only a few weeks off through mid-September. Kiss then has October off before touring Australia and New Zealand in mid-November through early-December.

The tour is expected to resume in 2020 and perhaps also stretch into 2021.

"It'll certainly be incredibly emotional, because I have so much to look back on that the band has made possible, that the fans have made possible, and I wanna know at that last show that I gave it everything I could," Stanley told Dan Neer in a recent radio interview.

Simmons had a harder time articulating how he'll feel during his band's final concert.

"I'm a fairly big guy — I'm 6'2", I'm probably closer to 250 pounds," he began. "I'm not a skinny guy, and proud of it. But I know I'm gonna be weeping like a 12-year-old girl who has someone stepping on her feet at that last show. Tears of happiness, I might add."

The bassist said he recognizes how rare Kiss's accomplishments in music are. He says the entire band has "perspective" on what Kiss has meant over the years to multiple generations of fans.

"It's hit me before," Simmons continued. "I turn around, and you're in tears because you realize it's more than a concert and it's more than songs — it's a part of people's lives. They tattoo their bodies with our faces, they name their kids after our songs. It's a culture. It's a nationhood."

As for where the final Kiss concert will take place, the band has some ideas. In October, Stanley and Simmons told Q104.3 New York's Jim Kerr at an iHeartRadio ICONS event that they would hope to end their career where it started more than 45 years ago in New York City.

Photo: Getty Images

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