Here is a great Interview with The Intimidator who we lost at The Daytona 500 in 2001. I still remember that day as clear as a bell. The race ended and I went down to Giant Eagle. I was talking about the race with the Pharmacist and told him Dale had got in a wreck. I go back home, a few hours later a news bulletin came on Channel 21.. I think it was Bill Marshal and he said Dale had died. I was blown away. I cried that day.

Growing up on the south side of Youngstown, I didn't know too much about NASCAR. back then you might have seen a few minutes of Richard Petty every now and then on "Wide World Of Sports." and that was about it. In about 1980 I remember reading a report in The Vindicator about a race and the drivers were bitching about Dale and I was like, "Who is this guy?" so then I started paying more attention to see what this guy was up to and that's how I became a NASCAR fan.