He was hated equally by Cleveland and Pittsburgh fans and now former NFL cornerback Adam "Pacman" Jones is headed off to jail following his latest brush with the law. TMZ is reporting that Pacman will have to spend ten day behind bars and stay away from booze for a year and a half following a ruckus at a casino in Indiana. Reports say Jones was confronted for cheating and things went down hill from there. According to documents obtained by TMZ, Jones will plead guilty to one count of cheating at gambling and a misdemeanor charge of resisting law enforcement. Prosecutors will drop the remaining charges.

On the field Jones has 420 total tackles, three sacks, and 17 interceptions. Off the field his bad behavior includes being on probation when he was drafted, possible involvement in a strip club shooting and another incident at a casino.  Below is an arrest from two years ago and an altercation at an airport.