The Movie Major League Turns 30

The movie Major League was released on April 7, 1989. It was about a former showgirl who inherits the Cleveland Indians when her rich husband dies. She hates the city and wants to move the team to Miami so she puts together the worst possible group of players odd ball players because if they lose she can move the team. However the team rises up after finding out about her plan and becomes a winner. The cast includes Charlie Sheen as "Wild Thing" and Bob Uecker as broadcaster Harry Dolye. Even though it was just a movie it did give Tribe fans a ray of hope. Topps even put out a set of baseball cards in honor of the team including Roger Dorn, Jake Taylor, Eddie Harris, Rachel Phelps, Rick Vaughn, and "Jobu." People still call on the voodoo power of Jobu to bring the Cleveland Indians luck. Most of the movie by the way was filmed in Milwaukee because it was too hard to film around the Indians and Browns schedules.