10 Cent Beer Night: 45 Years Later, Only In Cleveland

We have had a lot of crazy things happen in the history of Cleveland sports, but Dime Beer Night on June 4, 1974 was one for the ages. The trouble started brewing a week before when The Texas Rangers and The Cleveland Indians got into a brawl in the Lone Star State. Rangers manager Billy Martin made a comment about Cleveland fans and after about 60,000 dime beers, 25,000 fans vented their anger at Martin and the Rangers..

Indians broadcasters Joe Tait and Herb Score had this to say: Score:``I'm surprised that the police from the city of Cleveland haven't been called here, because we have the makings of a pretty good riot. We have a pretty good riot.'' Tait:``The security people they have here just are totally incapable of handling this crowd. They just-well, short of the National Guard; I'm not sure what would handle this crowd right now. It's just unbelievable. Unbelievable...'' FIND THE TRANSCRIPT HERE.