ESPN is reporting on a story by The Athletic that the Houston Astros might have used a center-field camera to help steal signs during their 2017 championship season. The allegations are from former Astros pitcher Mike Fiers. He told The Athletic about the scheme that would be against the rules using technology for an advantage, which has prompted an investigation. Teams have been complaining about the Astros for a while.

ESPN reported that Fiers who now pitches for the Oakland A's warned teammates with both the Tigers and A's that Astros hitters had used a video feed piped into a monitor near the dugout to decode signs and relay them to hitters during games.

The Worldwide Leader in Sports also said, "The league has looked into the Astros multiple times in recent years, with the first known incident in August 2018, when the A's alleged that Astros players were clapping in the dugout before pitches to relay stolen signs. During the playoffs that year a member of the Astros' baseball operations staff, was removed by security during Houston's series against both the Cleveland Indians (see the report below) and The Boston Red Sox.after pointing a phone toward the teams' dugouts from a nearby camera well. Luhnow later said the Astros were simply trying to ensure their opponents weren't using technology to steal signs."

It wasn't us it was them. So what do you think? Does Fiers just have bad blood with his old team? Are other teams over reacting to this. Like they say in auto racing, "It's not cheating, It's called making your own luck! '

We'll see what Tom Brady thinks..

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