KISS Displays Wrong Country’s Flag In Concert Thank You

Kiss live in Dortmund

Photo: Getty Images

Shouting out the name of the wrong city is one of the oldest rock ‘n’ roll faux pas there is, and if it never happened to KISS before, the band is making up for lost time on its latest ‘End of the Road’ tour stop.

After the finale of a recent Kiss gig in Vienna, Austria, a thank you message displayed in the arena depicted not the Austrian flag but the Australian flag.

The two countries are separated by a few letters and some 10,000 miles.

The mistake got Kiss a well-deserved razzing from the band’s geographically-savvy fans, and of course plenty of amused Europeans.

There’s little doubt that Kiss cofounders Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley know which continent they’re on; both Rock and Roll Hall of Famers posted about being in Vienna earlier in the day.

But as of this writing, neither rocker has addressed the snafu. Kiss has another gig tonight (Tuesday, June 28) in Germany.

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