METALLICA: Music for Torture

James Hetfield has no problem with the CIA using Metallica's music to torture prisoners. As a matter of fact, he's quite proud of it.

He told the skateboard magazine Thrasher, "I'm honored my country is using something to help us stay safe, if they are. But then again, once the music is out, I don't have control over that. Just like how someone's giving it away online. There's plenty of Metallica cover bands, there's plenty of people doing 'Enter Sandman' or 'Nothing Else Matters' in Gregorian style, bluegrass style or Celtic harp combos."

He also jokes, "We've tortured people with it for a long time. A lot longer than the CIA."

Hetfield agrees with Slayer guitarist Kerry King, who says his band's music "would have been scarier and maybe more effective" in breaking down suspected terrorists. "No doubt about that, but there's still even scarier stuff than Slayer, too. There's some pretty intense crazy stuff out there."



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