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Jeffrey addresses the alleged altercation, a man was stabbing kids at a playground, and more!

Jeffrey allegedly got into an altercation, the government has alien technology, and more!

Members of the Cleveland Browns have been victims of theft. A woman filed suit against her neighbor for smoking medical marijuana. Someone on the show pooped in the bathroom when it was closed. A girl is being prosecuted for lying about her gender. A whistle blower is telling Congress that the U.S. government has recovered alien vehicles, materials and technology. Dieter is convinced that there is a video of Pat Robertson leg pressing 2000 lbs. Jeffrey had an alleged altercation at the bar. Dieter's Conspiracy Corner talks about an illegitimate love child.

Jeffrey has been keeping a secret, Dieter's jacket ripping has angered other employees, and more!

The PGA has announced they are merging with Live Golf. Arnold Schwarzenegger revealed his thoughts about the afterlife. Robert F. Kennedy Jr. believes that there is a correlation between medication and mass shootings. A man has been arrested because he was accused of raping a few different women and his fiancé is standing by his side. Dieter is not going to live down ripping Keith Hotchkiss's jacket. A gynecologist gets slapped by a husband who accuses him of sexually assaulting his wife. Jeffrey has been keeping a secret. A NY police officer was charged with manslaughter.

Charlie fat shames his boss, people are upset by a worker at Disney, and more!

Megan Fox says she has body dysmorphia. Rescue crews have a theory on what happened to the teen who jumped off the boat. One of the Manson girls is being released on parole. Apple unveiled new products. People are upset by a new apprentice working at Disney. Charlie will not stop fat shaming Keith Kennedy. Dieter is still feeling the heat after ripping Hotchkiss's tailored jacket.

Duji was spotted at the dance recital, a neighbor is capturing pet cats, and more!

A man arrested after a wellness check went wrong. In Washington D.C. many people were frightened by a sonic boom. Neighborhood pet cats are going missing. Two women playing in the doubles tournament at the French Open were disqualified. Jeffrey had a very eventful weekend. and Duji was spotted at her daughter's dance recital. A guy confessed to killing someone 15 years ago.

Rover learns a new term describing male hygiene, a 12 year-old stabs her brother, and more!

The President had a small mishap. An adult has been charged with misdemeanor assault for fighting with a teenager. A 12-year-old girl stabbed her 9-year-old brother to death. Rover heard a new term for a male hygiene problem. A study says that women prefer men who groom their nether regions.
Shark Tank investor, Daymond John, has filed a restraining order after a deal went array. There is an idea to get rid of free throws.

Dieter has a new fashion style, a college student took risqué graduation pictures, and more!

A teenager jumped off a cruise ship. An Arizona college graduate took pics in front of the school on a stripper pole. Two high school students are in trouble after a prank went wrong. There is video of shoplifters at lululemon. Dieter has a new fashion style and Conspiracy Corner talks about the most secretive meeting in the world.

Charlie did not stand for the National Anthem, Duji has a new friend in her home, and more!

Construction chaos at Rover's condo continues. JLR gives the show an update on his holiday weekend. Krystle took a personal day and went to a concert. Duji has an animal living in her house. People are renting out their pools. The college professor who yelled at students protesting abortion has been fired for another incident. Charlie was spotted not standing for the National Anthem.

A college professor flips out on students, a man dies saving baby ducks, and more!

Japan has introduced laws about making upskirt pictures and videos illegal. There is a word for guys who sit when they urinate. Guys who go to seminars to learn how to get women, is really about the approval from other men. College professor flips out on students that have an anti-abortion display. A man was out in traffic saving baby ducks when struck by a car. Krystle's dad is in the hospital. TikTok prankster who walked into people's homes and stole a dog, was arrested.

Jeffrey went to the storage unit, a woman was weighed at the airport, and more!

The show looks at before and after pictures of Jeffrey's storage unit. Homeowner charged for shooting at robbers trying to steal his van. Woman was weighed at the airport to make sure the plane would be balanced. Charlie helped pull off an engagement. People are not happy with Target's clothing line. Dad pays thousands for last minute Taylor Swift tickets.