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Duji has a wedding date, what kind of booty do men prefer, Krystle's car update, and more!

Jeffrey was smoking weed, Krystle caught someone taking a picture of her butt, and much more!

There is an update to the story about the woman who was arrested at the beach with a vibrator. Florida Republican chairman, Christian Ziegler, is accused of raping a woman in her home. Rover used ChatGPT to help him write an email to someone that irritates him. Cornel West is broke.
Jeffrey smoked weed over the weekend. Snitzer has cut his favorite food out of his diet. An expert gives 5 things you shouldn't do on a resume. Rover talks about how frustrated he is with drivers in Florida and what his father-in-law thought about the condition of the condo. Jeffrey is caught trying to take a picture of a co-workers backside.

Laundering Jeffrey's clothes, an attorney was throwing poop filled Pringles cans, and more!

How did all of laundry washing go at Jeffrey's house? Attorney in Ohio has been pooping into Pringles cans and tossing them into a parking lot. Texas man dressed as the Grinch is spreading the word of Jesus by saying Santa is not real. Body cam footage has been released of Hollie Strano's arrest. Jeffrey wrote a character letter on Hollie for the judge and talked about his plans for the weekend. Rover has brought his father-in-law down to Miami to assess the condo situation.

Is Duji living through her daughter, Krystle's kid got her temps, cave women hunters, and more!

Scientists claim they found cave drawings depicting women hunters. Does Duji live vicariously through her daughter? People are upset by a young Chiefs fan painting their face black and wearing a headdress. NFL photographer loses his job after a player took his camera from him during a touchdown celebration. The Golden Bachelor is being criticized for his past ahead of the finale episode. Krystle's daughter got her driving temps. Dieter's Conspiracy Corner discusses former officer Derek Chauvin.

The bug guy is washing JLR's clothes, inappropriate sexual behavior on a plane, and much more!

The bug guy is helping wash Jeffrey's clothes. JLR's favorite local weather forecaster was arrested for DUI after crashing their car. Woman fined for inappropriate sexual behavior on a plane. Paris Hilton is upset by the mean comments made about her son's head. Dieter will never get over the way Jimmy Carter looked at his wife's memorial service. Man is attacked after asking Nardo Wick for a photo. People are trying to make it so that you cannot drive your car over 100mph. Jeffrey faked sleeping for a photo.

Rover is worried about a mark on his skin, Charlie had to throw out all of his shoes, and much more!

The lead singer of The Prodigy changes the lyrics to one of their hit songs when performing live. Groom in Thailand kills people at his wedding party. Gross habits of significant others. Charlie had to throw out all of his shoes due to the stench. People are mad at Aaron Rodgers for liking a tweet about skin cancer. Rover is worried about a red mark on his skin. Woman is tricked into eating at a restaurant. T.I.'s son King gets roasted on live. Krystle used to go toe to toe with her mom. Unskilled labor jobs.

Cringey Christmas photo reveal, Charlie's mom was in the hospital, and much more!

Thanksgiving update: Has Duji's racoon problem been solved? Krystle's break started off on an awful note. Jeffrey is scouting bars for a new place to hang out. Charlie's mom was in the hospital. The show reveals their cringey Christmas photos. Dieter missed his flight. Daryl Hall got a restraining order against John Oats. Brian's Jonestown Massacre got into a physical altercation on stage.

Rover had a meeting with the contractor, Krystle has fallen for a scam, and much more!

Is Duji's mom coming for Thanksgiving dinner? Rover had a meeting with the condo contractor. Sideline reporter, Charissa Thompson, admits that she would make up coaches' comments. Released Ring doorbell camera video of Bill Belichick after their a one-night stand. Woman admits she was never abused by Tiger Woods. Are the Will Smith rumors true? Representative George Santos can't stop lying. A 65-year-old man fell for crypto scam through his text messages. Krystle fell for a scam through Instagram.

Rover found a wallet, Snitzer has stopped gaming, smoking weed at 8 years old, and more!

Smoking weed starting at the age of eight. Thanksgiving dinner should cost $6.20 a person. Rover found a wallet at the airport and gave an update on the condo. Do people see being a gamer as a relationship red flag? Snitzer has locked everything down after his Instagram was hacked. Dieter's Conspiracy Corner discusses why are all these animals have been washing up onto the shore.

JLR called into a radio show, Rover and Charlie are challenged to a bare knuckle fight, and more!

Rules are set for cringey Christmas photos. Jeffrey called into The Alan Cox Show. Presidential candidate wants to enforce using your legal name on social media. Duji's anniversary is Saturday. Someone has been arrested on suspicion of manslaughter of hockey player Adam Johnson. Senator Mark Wayne Mullin got into an altercation with Teamster boss Sean O'Brien at a hearing. While trying to capture a suspect, cops cause $60k of damage to a woman's home. Caller wants to fight Charlie and Rover in a bare knuckle match.