Get Paid $42K For Test Marijuana Vaporizers, Deadline to Apply is Friday

This could be your dream gig!

VIA, 'We are looking for someone to step in and do the dirty work: test out dry herb vaporizers. It's not an easy job but someone's gotta do it.

We want you to try all the vaporizers so our customers don't have to. The person we hire will receive their vaporizers 100% free and will test their limits and provide input on:

  • Analysis on the functionality of the vaporizer (ex. size, vapor production, temperatures etc.)
  • Product testing (ex. how long does battery last)
  • Instructions of use
  • How to clean and maintain the vaporizer
  • Comparisons to other similar units
  • Your personal feelings about the vaporizer
  • A video, write up and photography of each vaporizer


$42,000 per annum with three weeks vacation.


  • Do something you love and get paid for it
  • Free vaporizers and equipment for the term of your employment
  • $250/mo "expense" account
  • Remote working - no need to commute
  • Be part of a growing industry
  • Join an awesome team
  • Fully flexible work hours - day or night'